• Wellness is more than the absence of disease. It's the optimal health of body, mind, and soul. It is living your life with joy, vitality, and balance. " Together, let's find your balance"

    ~ Anti-Cancer Wellness Mentoring with Jenni




    urgent approach to transforming your body so cancer won't thrive there

  • What We Do

    We help you create that body where cancer can't live


    Mindset is the number one factor in creating a body where disease cannot live.


    Feeding your cells gives you the energy you need to heal


    Live toxin-free; chemicals in food, water, air and everyday household items can compromise your immune system. We'll also discuss alternative and natural medicines to complement your treatment.

  • Meet Jenni

    National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach NBC-HWC, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach CIHC, Holistic Anti-Cancer Wellness Coach, let's-get-rid-of or never-get cancer coaching

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    Are you ready to feel well? Be well?

    Jenni Arevalo, NBC-HWC, CIHC, EoS, Wellness Advocate, Holistic Cancer Coach/Mentor

    I work with people that want to reduce toxins and disease, stop recurring cancer right now, THRIVE not just survive, use recommendations for holistic healing and building immunity, or have just received a diagnosis and want to discover holistic methods.


    I went through this when my husband (then boyfriend) had Stage IV cancer and a terrible prognosis. His doctors said they knew how to get rid of the cancer cells but not prevent damage to healthy ones, they also admitted they didn't know how to help his body heal, nor prevent recurrent cancer. I didn't know where to turn or how to help! I spent months researching and years educating in holistic health and wellness so I could find those answers. Now I can help others, naturally.


    What I've learned is that this is urgent! Make the decision, then Do IT! Cancer took the luxury of time away for now...are you ready to make this shift now? I'm your coach!


    How can a cancer coach help you?


    Whether you've been given a diagnoses or are working to prevent one, here's look at what cancer coaching is all about - you!

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    Health & Wellness Coaching

    Bi-Monthly or Weekly Private Online Sessions

    Complete Coaching Plan

    6 or 12 week coaching program-weekly or bi-weekly

    It's all about what YOU need

    One-on-one coaching

    Bonus care package!

    Detoxing for disease prevention or healing takes at least 4 months. Let's talk about what you need and why. It's a simple, gentle process

  • Testimonials

    We've got a top notch team when we work together!


    "Thanks Jenni, I thought about this quite deeply over my period of illness. Not dying as many have from C made me aware of the type of example I can be for others struggling...I’m dedicated to following through with my commitment to a clean organic lifestyle. Including The energy lifting experience of a daily Chi Gong ritual. I’m also interested in starting some Tai Chi classes soon. So while on the road this summer I can find places in nature to experience the benefits of those Movements..."


    "When doctors were telling me there was nothing else they could do Jenni's research into nutrition and lifestyle changes saved my life. I was determined to heal and she stayed with me suggesting the best possible steps for building my body up to heal. It worked! 8 years later I'm still healing from maximum chemo and radiation for Stage IV, hiking, carpentry work, living life on my terms with her to thank."

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