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    Wellness Programs for individuals, workplaces, families - partnering in client-driven success

    Health and Wellness Coaching

    Evidenced-Based Motivational Interviewing

    Health Coaching with Jenni takes a proven, interactive approach to improving the overall health and lifestyle behaviors of participants. Clients benefit from the positive results achievable through our evidence-based coaching philosophy. Employers benefit from a healthier workforce, which translates to decreased health care costs and increased productivity.

    We address a range of issues, including weight management, exercise, nutrition, work/life balance and more.

    Wellness Consultation

    Personal Private Medical History Intake

    Individual, one-time coaching session online or by phone for a participant with identified risk factors. These 50-minute consultations provide guidance on setting and achieving SMART goals for lifestyle behavior changes to decrease health risks.

    Individual Health Coaching

    Readiness to Change

    Our health coaching models align with an individual’s “readiness to change” as identified through an initial questionnaire and assessment. Through motivational interviewing techniques, we help participants generate their own goals and action plans, allowing them to build self-confidence, access appropriate resources and achieve sustainable behavior change.

    • Preparing-to-Change:  Coaching intended for individuals who want to learn more but are not yet fully ready to actively engage in managing their health risks.
    • Ready-to-Change: Coaching designed for individuals who intend to pursue lifestyle changes related to their health in the immediate future or already are making changes to improve their health. Sessions targeted toward low-risk individuals, moderate-risk individuals and high-risk individuals 
    • Maintenance Coaching: Coaching suited for individuals who have made positive changes and now are focused on sustaining their healthier lifestyle habits.  
    • Chronic Condition Management: 14 sessions plus two additional consultations with a registered dietitian or athletic trainer. Coaching focused specifically on individuals with complex, chronic or co-occurring conditions who often experience multiple barriers to engaging in a healthier lifestyle. 
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