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    The ROOT Brands is a health and wellness company with a mission focused on offering ultimate all-natural solutions that cure the ‘root’ underlying cause of a long list of health problems; heavy metal toxicity.


    The ROOT product line is 100% non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free. The ROOT brand products are all-natural solutions that allow you to finally take control of your long-term health and happiness with an easy-to-follow and holistic regimen.
    In this ROOT brands review, I am going to provide details about their three flagship products that make achieving optimal health easier and simpler than you may have ever thought possible.
    Each ROOT brand product is carefully formulated to provide unparalleled health benefits to the user, while being intelligently synergistic with each other, to provide a comprehensive approach to maintaining your health. I’m going to provide detail about how all this works.
    I will also tell the story of my own personal experiences using the products, and the results that members of my family and friends have experienced with The ROOT Brand’s products.

    Meet the formulators of The ROOT Brands products:


    The Root Brands was founded by Clayton Thomas, established 2.2.2020.


    Clayton has 16+ years of experience in perfecting the formulation of Clean Slate, the zeolite clinoptilolite-based detox drops. It is basically a liquid crystal solution that is changing lives in when it comes to health. We will get into more detail about this works.
    His background has included environmental and human health solutions, but he has remained dedicated to animal health as well, coming from a family of veterinarians.
    He has developed business models of analytical testing in medical practices to improve quality of care by identifying risks of the big three diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and obesity with additional risk factors.
    Clayton operates with a simple philosophy: cure the cause!


    Dr. Christina Rahm Cook; ROOT Formulator







    Dr. Christina Rahm Cook, Harvard Ph.D. is Clayton’s wife, partner and one of the ‘brains’ behind the formulation of the ROOT health regimen.

    She is joined by Dr. Dori Naerbo is a Harvard Ph.D., has an MSBA, MSc, and a graduate of Liverpool University specialized in clinical core outcomes of stem cell clinical trials.
    Dr. Naerbo is a co-founder/formulator/inventor of Floragenx Flower Essences. She has written multiple best-selling books that are available on Amazon including; ‘A Women’s Heart Attack” What Your Doctor May Not Tell You’, ‘Standardization of Quality of Life Core Outcomes In Stem Cell Clinical Trials’ and her next book launching soon will be titled ‘Heavy Metal Toxic Body.’


    Like Clayton, Dr. Cook and Naerbo also believe in getting to the ‘root’ of health issues.

    The ROOT brands all-natural line of products include:

    1. Clean Slate; zeolite clinoptilolite-based heavy metal detoxification drops.
    2. Zero-In; brain chemistry [serotonin + dopamine] regulating ‘feel great’ vegetable capsules.
    3. Restore; a food supplement that restores the micro-biome of your gut [the second brain!] Not available now, but launching soon…



    Clean Slate, Zeolite Clinoptilolite Detoxification Drops:

    • Removes heavy metals + other environmental toxins from the body.
    • By removing the cause, it helps to reduce the negative effects of inflammatory processes.
    • Improves the supply of oxygen + nutrients to the body’s cells. [cellular metabolism enhancement]
    • 100% natural product [considered a food supplement]
    • Use 2 times a day up to 10 drops under the tongue.
    • I personally recommend beginning with 1 drop twice per day under the tongue and wean up to 10 drops twice per day over time, to avoid feeling sick from detoxing too fast.
    • This solution is powerful at even just one drop with 300 micrograms of clinoptilolite per single drop!
    Clean Slate is the flagship product of The ROOT Brands and literally the ‘root’ or starting point of a powerful and holistic health regimen.
    Clean Slate is a detoxification support solution unlike any other, nothing else compares. The ROOT Brands company has created a proprietary fracking and polarization process to make this product, and they hold nothing back when it comes to quality.
    Clean Slate uses natural Clinoptilolite sourced from one of the purest mines available in the world (97% clinoptilolite, 3% bentonite) to create a solution of micronized fragments with a large amount of bioavailable silicon dioxide (also known as ortho-silicic acid.)


    Clean Slate supports the passive systemic removal and detoxification of heavy metals, organic pollutants, glyphosate, viral particles, mold


    spores, bacterial bio-toxins, as well as other persistent volatile organic compounds and chemicals with a long half-life.


    The most powerful and detoxifying Zeolite source is Clinoptilolite, which provides the best source of bioavailable silica, silicon dioxide. Combining the properties of Clinoptilolite (the proven science of the crystal) and the elite nanotechnology bioscience engineering and biotech experience of the ROOT scientific team has resulted in the creation of a Clinoptilolite-derived formula designed to deliver every benefit of the crystal through silicon dioxide.


    When removing toxins from cellular binding sites, it is crucial to supplement with trace minerals. So they add minerals from a pure source of water, the Great Salt Lake. The addition of vitamin C provides stability and aids to improve membrane permeability.


    Clean Slate stands alone in the process, formulation. And most importantly it provides a proprietary outcome and support of the body and its functions.

    What does Clean Slate do, exactly?

    1) It deep cleans the cells from:
    • Heavy metals and toxic elements include Mercury, Aluminum, Lead, Arsenic, Fluoride, Barium, Strontium, Uranium, Cadmium, and Gadolinium, just to name a few.
    • Pesticides and insecticides, including glyphosate
    • Toxins from molds and yeasts
    • Plastic Residues
    • Carcinogens from smoke and haze
    • Radioactive material in the body
    • Any other toxin with a positive charge ⠀
    • Reduces your biological age through detox
    2) It floods the body with silica:
    Silica is an essential trace mineral that provides strength and flexibility to the body’s connective tissues — cartilage, tendons, skin, bone, teeth, hair, and blood vessels. Silica is essential in collagen production, the most abundant protein found in your body.
    3) It infuses the cells with 99 trace minerals via inland seawater
    4) It infuses the cells with Vitamin C.


    5) Decalcifies the Pineal Gland.

    How Does Clean Slate Work:

    Zeolite is a natural crystal that forms when molten hot volcanic lava meets the minerals in cooler seawater. This process creates Zeolite Clinoptilolite.


    This scientific reaction infuses a highly energetic molecule with a honeycomb-shaped form that is specifically charged to attract toxins to itself. These clinoptilolite molecules carry the bound toxins out of your body when taken internally in the form of liquid Zeolite (Clean Slate.)


    Clinoptilolite in the form of Orthosilicic acid has a highly negative charge and has a strong affinity for toxins (as toxins are usually positively charged.)
    An easy way to understand this would be to imagine hundreds of thousands of little toxin magnets encased in water molecule clusters going through your body.
    These toxin magnets attract heavy metals, pesticides, and any other toxin with a positive charge.
    The micronized size of these magnets allows them to go wherever water goes, crossing the blood-brain barrier easily, and detoxifying the body at a cellular level.
    Once the various pernicious toxins are bound to the magnets, they become captured within the cage-like structure and rendered inert with no chance of breaking loose.
    This powerful feature is why CleanSlate does not cause a redistribution of toxins and further damage to the body.
    The toxins are transported out of your body primarily through urine and other common excretion pathways. As the nanosized zeolites are so tiny, the kidneys don’t actually have to filter them (that’s how delicate this detoxing method is.)

    Zeolite Detox / Anti Microbial Benefits:

    Zeolite Clinoptilolite is the number one all-natural supplement on the planet that rids the body of heavy metals like radiation and fluoride. But it is also a potent anti-microbial that also has the power to wipe out the nastiest of viruses.
    Zeolites trap and remove heavy metals (even nuclear radiation particles) from the body. It takes away the protection and stops the growth of cancer cells. It is a powerful detox agent against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, and environmental toxins. It is also a natural immunity booster. It quickly and safely cleans the toxins out of your body, restoring lost energy that was being stolen from you.


    Heavy Metals are highly toxic to the human body and even worse for the brain. The most common harmful metal sources are Fluoride, Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Radiation – like Iodine 131 and Cesium 137, to name just a few.


    These can poison your body and brain and ultimately cause serious health disorders like MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s, and has even been linked to Mesothelioma.


    How Does Zeolite work? Zeolite crystals trap heavy metals (radiation, fluoride, petroleum residues) and quickly and safely removes them from your body.

    Clean Slate & The Pineal Gland:

    The Pineal Gland works in harmony with the Hypothalamus Gland. They regulate the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire, biological clock, circadian rhythms, hormone levels, stress levels, and physical performance potential.


    The Pineal Gland’s physiological function is to control various bio-rhythms of the body, secrete melatonin to regulate sleep/wake cycles, and produce DMT (a powerful entheogen that enables us to dream.)


    The Pineal Gland is the most sensitive organ within our endocrine system. It is extremely vulnerable to heavy metals, aluminum, and other toxins, in particular fluoride. Calcification is the most significant cause of Pineal Gland dysfunction and deactivation. Fluoride shuttles aluminum into the brain, where they accumulate together in the pineal gland.
    This leads to the formation of phosphate crystals in the gland itself. As your Pineal Gland hardens due to this crystal production, less melatonin is produced, and the regulation of your sleep/wake cycle is disrupted. This crystallization also leads to a disconnection from your spiritual side and ‘self.’


    Eliminating the fluoride and aluminum from your brain is essential to activating your Pineal Gland. When pineal gland functioning is impaired, it can result in a number of symptoms including fatigue, insomnia, depression, and other psychic disorders. Decalcifying the Pineal Gland is essential for physiological, physical, and mental health.


    Heavy metals and micronized aluminum from vaccines play a very significant role in the modern-day epidemic of Neurological disease. Sleep disorders, which are caused by various Neurological problems, are mainly caused by toxic levels of aluminum and mercury (thimerosal) in the Pineal Gland. This in turn interferes with the pineal glands’ ability to produce Sulphate. This, in turn, reduces the production of melatonin, which is a needed neurotransmitter chemical for getting adequate and healthy sleep.


    One of the first things people notice when taking Clean Slate is improved sleep and higher quality dreaming. This happens thanks to the aluminum, fluoride, and other metals being removed from the Pineal Gland. It is also common to see emotional releases and improved mood because the pineal gland has a large effect on mood disorders, specifically depression and anxiety.
    The pineal gland is particularly susceptible to aluminum, fluoride, and heavy metals as It is not protected by the blood/brain. Fluoride and metals are catastrophic for Pineal Gland’s development and function because they steal essential minerals such as zinc from the body. This also causes elevated copper levels and completely disrupts the organic processes within the human body.


    Clean Slate breaks down hardened calcium that forms around toxic metals and fluoride in the Pineal Gland, and also completely removes these metals from the body.

    Zero-In, Brain Chemistry Regulating Capsules:

    • Improves focus
    • Normalizes your response to stress
    • Improves balance
    • Increases energy
    • Increases productivity
    • All-natural ingredients
    • Contains 60 capsules
    The Zero-In capsules are made from 100% natural ingredients including turmeric, pine bark, velvet bean seeds, Vitamin D, and amino acids tyrosine and theanine, which are crucial to the proper functioning of the human body. The capsule itself is traditionally vegan-based.
    Zero-In provides increased production of dopamine and serotonin (the hormones of happiness and feeling great) and causes the level of cortisol to decrease (the dreaded hormone of stress!) As a result, this supplement helps your body to be in greater balance and awareness in the moment. And it provides better energy, focus, clearer thinking, and better athletic performance.
    This patented formula has been in use for over five years and provides a patented synergy of individual ingredients that work even better together as a whole!
    Zero-In also has a GMP and BSCG certificate, meaning that it’s’ doping-free.’

    Community Testimonials & Results I have Personally Observed:

    If you research the community of The ROOT Brands, you can find countless testimonials from people who have recovered from serious health disorders/problems including but not limited to the following:
    • High & low blood pressure issues
    • Autism
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Skin issues like Psoriasis, Eczema, and fungal infection
    • Diabetes
    • Overweight
    • High cholesterol
    • Depression
    • Stomach Pain
    • Dermatitis
    • Sleep problems / insomnia
    • Abnormal blood sugar levels
    • Thyroid problems
    • Dementia
    • Fibromyalgia
    As a person who does not have any significant ongoing health issues, the main benefits I have personally experienced have been improved sleep quality, clearer mind/more efficient thinking, clearer skin [random blemishes are much more ‘rare’ to pop up,] and just generally feeling better than ever.
    One thing I have observed about my sleep is that even if I get fewer hours of sleep, it’s recharging my body more than ever. I don’t necessarily need my usual eight hours of sleep to feel like I am at my best.
    When I first discovered The ROOT Brands health regimen, I already knew that this was something I needed in order to be pro-active with my own long-term health picture. And I also knew that I needed to get this into the hands of members of my family who have been suffering from various health issues!

    The Results Of People I Have Personally Helped With The ROOT Regimen:

    1) My Father had been suffering from pre-diabetes and non-alcohol-based fatty liver disease symptoms. In just about two months’ time and only going up to a mere four or five drops twice per day, he has virtually fully recovered from the various symptoms he had been suffering from. His sleep was not good, and that has totally changed for him and his sleep is now better than ever. His body had sores developing on it, specifically appearing on his head (signs of pre-diabetes and fatty liver disease.)
    These sores have all but disappeared, very soon they will be completely gone. His energy is better than I have seen it be in a long time. His thinking is indeed clearer and he is being far more efficient with his time… this has helped his mental processes in noticeable ways. I have been observing him get his life together in areas where he was previously struggling. He is even looking younger than before!
    He has made the remark, that it’s been a long time since his body and mind have not literally felt like death. And other friends and family are picking up on the remarkable differences in him and developing an interest in Clean Slate. The truth as I see it is that there is an uncountable number of people who need this solution. Try the whole human population of the Earth, whatever that number may be. We have all been exposed to various environmental toxins through the air, water, food, vaccines, and more.
    2) My Mother was experiencing low quality of sleep. She commented to me that she felt like whenever she would go to sleep, it felt like she was instantly waking up the next day with no energy or feelings of restoration. Within about a week of taking the Clean Slate drops, she reported back to me getting better sleep than she has had in a long time. And she is experiencing dreams, whereas before, her sleep was short and dreamless. Sleep is extremely important to the human body’s regenerative processes! As a result, I have observed she is no longer looking ‘tired’ on average and looks like she is younger as a result!
    3) My sister has suffered from Lyme disease for many years. Clean Slate has helped to eliminate her symptoms. I am curious to see with further blood tests if the Lyme’s is completely eliminated. But she is not the first person with Lyme’s to experience excellent results of relief.
    4) I have a friend with Multiple Sclerosis who has not been able to walk in many years… until Clean Slate entered his life. About 2 weeks into using Clean Slate to detox, my friend Brad has regained his ability to walk, and his thinking processes are also speeding up [another area that MS affects is thinking speed/speech.] I consider this to be one of the most meaningful things I have done for someone, in helping him to get started with this health regimen which is changing his life. And even his own homeopath has been asking him what he’s been doing because she is noticing a big difference!
    5) An Australian friend of mine from Brisbane, who has been previously diagnosed with severe heavy metal toxicity/poisoning has been experiencing a powerful relief of her usual daily debilitating symptoms that have previously made it extremely difficult for her to function in life.
    6) I have a friend who has had his mercury amalgam fillings removed, which caused major toxicity leakage into his body. Clean Slate has helped him to recover from that. Another friend who still has the amalgam fillings in his mouth has been using this detox drop solution for 15+ years [Clayton], as a testament [proof] to the power and efficacy of this product.


    7) This one is pretty big because we have laboratory data to back up the results experienced by my friend Glynn, who has had a long history of exposure to heavy metals and other pollutants, in the line of work he did most of his life.
    My buddy Glynn has suffered from peripheral neuropathic/nerve pain for many years and was progressively becoming worse. But after just one month of detoxification using the recommended zeolite detox drops formulation ‘Clean Slate’, he now rates his pain as 95% gone!


    Glynn’s first-hand experience/report is incredible, but we also have scientific data!


    Glynn completed three urine analysis lab tests to detect what was excreted through the detox process and measure the progress made over three subsequent tests made through the course of almost a month.


    Just compare the results of the following three lab test images below. The following tests show what has excreted in the urine using Clean Slate. You will see that many of the heavy metals/toxins that were detected on the first test are no longer showing up on the third and latest test. And most of the other toxins that are still showing up are reduced by some amount by the third test. This kind of result was experienced in less than a month’s time!





    He had known that he had significant exposure to Arsenic, but as you can see in the lab reports, he had exposure to a number of other heavy metals including antimony, thallium, lead, cadmium, cesium, nickel, niobium, rubidium, tungsten, and titanium.


    By his third urine lab test, he no longer had any: antimony, cadmium, nickel, niobium, titanium, or tungsten in his system.


    AND his levels of Arsenic were decreased significantly from 22.3 to 21.7 ug/g. This one is going to take time to fully get out if his system, detox is not a sprint but a marathon, and in time his levels will be down even further!


    Cesium, thallium, lead, and rubidium apparently take longer to remove, those levels have not budged yet.


    Thanks to these incredible results and the efficacy of the Clean Slate detox, his quality of life has made quite a significant improvement!
    I have many more examples of people I have helped with this health regimen. This just scratches the surface for you to give you an idea of how powerful and effective this detox strategy truly is.

    My The ROOT Brands Review in conclusion:

    Based on my own personal experience using the products and the results of friends and family that I have been helping, I completely approve of everything happening here! The ROOT Brands provides what I view as an unparalleled health regimen for detoxification. I consider it to be the most valuable health discovery when it comes to pro-active health strategies for long-term health and wellness.
    And beyond that, something that gives not only me the chance to live a long healthy life, but also the chance to help and even save the lives of other people who are suffering from so many different health problems.
    I highly recommend that you not only continue to dig in and learn about The ROOT Brands company and their life-changing products. Do something BIG for yourself and your family by opening your mind to this health regimen.
    I believe that something we all have in common is a need and want to keep those that we love around for as long as possible. Now we finally have a way to ensure the long-term viability of our body’s health. And it’s all under one umbrella with a simple but powerful science-based approach to optimal health, with The ROOT Brands company.


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    I hope you enjoyed my ‘The Root Brands Review’ and realize that no matter how hard or smart you work in life… wealth is nothing without health! If you choose to partake in this strategy, which I clearly highly recommend, feel free to connect with me for help or guidance with any questions you may have at all.