• Wellness is more than the absence of disease. It's the optimal health of body, mind, and soul. It is living your life with joy, vitality, and balance. " Together, let's find your balance"

    ~ Anti-Cancer Health Coaching with Jenni



    urgent approach to transforming your body so cancer won't thrive there

  • Meet Jenni

    National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach NBC-HWC, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach CIHC, Holistic Anti-Cancer Wellness Coach, let's-get-rid-of cancer coaching

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    Are you ready to feel well? Be well?

    Jenni Arevalo, NBC-HWC, CIHC, EoS, Wellness Advocate

    I work with people that want to reduce toxins and disease, stop recurring cancer right now, THRIVE not just survive, use recommendations for holistic healing and building immunity, or have just received a diagnosis and want to use holistic methods.


    I went through this when my husband (then boyfriend) had Stage IV cancer and a terrible prognosis. His doctors said they knew how to get rid of the cancer cells but not prevent damage to healthy ones, how to help his body heal, or prevent it from coming back. I didn't know where to turn or how to help! I spent months researching and years educating in holistic health and wellness so I can help others, naturally.


    What I've learned is that this is urgent! Make the decision, then Do IT! Cancer took the luxury of time away for now...are you ready to make this shift now? I'm your coach!

  • Pursue what's pure for your body

    7 Keys to health we'll work together using to purify your body

    PURE WATER - Kangen, Alkalized, Ionized, Electrolyzed Hydrogen Water

    Living healing water comes out of a Kangen...pour it in a glass and there are little bubbles in it like from a mountain stream falling over rocks. It feels like liquid sunshine; I picture it lighting up my insides as it soaks in. I've been leery of tap and bottled water, rightly so; it's teeming with bacteria, virus, and whatever toxic chemicals are being dumped in it that are supposed to kill it-it's full of all that dead or dying stuff I don't want to drink. Kangen water is bright and fresh and living. It's an answer to a quest for clean, green home or business, closer to natural. This Kangen Water Machine and some nice glass water bottles are helping us be more alkaline, more chemical-free and plastic-free! Hear more technical and professional info on the PURE Water page or download the brochure.


    dōTERRA oils are sustainably made through conscious enterprise across the supply chain, ethically sourced, pure enough to be used in the medical field, and in food, and drinks, and for you who seeks purity. Purity matters! There's only one essential oil company that meets the highest quality purity standards for your cells to use, to be bioavailable. And they don't under-cut and devalue the growers and distillers that have been doing this for generations. It's more than fair-trade, it's more than respect; it's co-impact sourcing, it's personal, and it's changing lives. See why!


    Pull Toxins Out of the Air! NASA Plant Study

    Are you sleeping in a toxic room full of toxic air? We don't realize how much off-gassing is happening in our homes from plastics, carpets, new furniture and especially new conventional mattresses. Then we breathe those airborne toxins in all night. Be conscious of VOCs and how to prevent them taking over your air! What can you do right now to clean your air? Fill your living space with air-filtering plants that pull toxins out of the air! NASA needed to find a way to provide quality air in space stations for astronauts to breathe, keeping in mind the equipment continuously running off-gassed harmful toxins which circulated throughout the air system making the air unfit for humans! Here's the list in a google doc in which I recommend you fill your living and working space


    Swap out conventional cosmetics, hygiene products like deodorant, toothpaste, lotions, all of it for organic, natural products...don't put anymore toxic chemicals in or on your body! How do you get rid of the ones your body is storing? Yep; a cleanse. I like this one as it is gentle and allows me to still get out and work and run errands. There are vitamins, oils and supplements in the dōTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit. These are the foundation of the gentle cleanse; they work with the body to maximize the health and efficiency of your vital cleansing organs so that you can minimize toxic load naturally and maintain the results long-term. You can read about each of the products in the Detoxification and Cleansing article on the dōTERRA blog. This kit comes with 2 free Health Coach sessions with Jenni and email support if you just want a good 30-day Cleanse and Restore.


    Move the energy in your body, move your body, keep sharp

    Moving the body doesn't have to be buying special clothes, joining special organizations, or formal training. Yes, QiGong and Yoga are pretty close to perfect movements but walking, riding a bike, Pilates, or whatever YOU choose is great - as long as you spend about 150 minutes a week consistently moving your body to keep balance in your necessary functioning!


    Toxins in conventionally-grown foods can outweigh the nutrients

    Simple articles on toxins in food that feed cancer and other chronic disease are on many sites. I like chrisbeatcancer.com as he changed his diet to provide a body that wouldn't support cancer growth and is living to tell about it! https://www.chrisbeatcancer.com/category/cancer-fighting-foods/ I use many resources, but this is good starting point for your edification on the correlation of food and health.

    BUY LOCAL PRODUCE FROM A CSA! The enzymes found in local, raw, organic produce grown in rich, fertile soil is used by your body to provide immunity. THIS is the food you need to provide nutrition to your body! Find local organic foods here


    Pure Thoughts-Mindset Matters

    "Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t you’re right" ~Henry Ford

    Meditation, visualization, prayer, reading, self-development, keep learning, keep improving! Let's discover what works for you.


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    "Thanks Jenni, I thought about this quite deeply over my period of illness. Not dying as many have from C made me aware of the type of example I can be for others struggling...I’m dedicated to following through with my commitment to a clean organic lifestyle. Including The energy lifting experience of a daily Chi Gong ritual. I’m also interested in starting some Tai Chi classes soon. So while on the road this summer I can find places in nature to experience the benefits of those Movements..."


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