• Wellness is more than the absence of disease; it is living your life with joy, vitality, and balance. "Let's find your balance together!" ~ Health Coaching with Jenni




  • Meet Jenni

    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, National Medical Board Certification Candidate

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    Are you ready to be well? Feel well?

    Jenni Arevalo, NBHWC candidate

    Certified IAHC International Association of Health Coaches, Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coach, Master Herbalist, Reiki, and Essential Oil Specialist using research-driven practices and pure, medical-grade essential oils to help you meet your health and wellness goals.


    I specialize in listening to you. You should expect to have health and happiness! What are the possibilities?


    Most approaches create lists of restrictions and bad foods. I coach my clients to implement gradual changes in their current foods and habits that stick. If you are committed to doing the work I'll commit to you.


  • Why Health Coaching?

    A Health Coach is a supportive guide who helps you

    set health goals manage stress

    improve mood and energy achieve weight goals

    develop a positive mind-set manage your own diet & lifestyle

    follow a doctor's suggestion for change

    it can help with ▼

    Digestion & Nutrition

    ...affects your body, mind, and spirit; your gut is your 2nd brain! We can ease this safely and naturally, restoring energy and focus.

    Fatigue & Stress

    ...let's find out what's causing it and plan for you to get refreshing rest, balanced hormones, stamina, and take control


    Toxins are in our air, food, water, cleaning and hygiene products, even our relationships. We'll work to swap them out so your body and mind can heal and recover quickly!


    Overall Health & Weight

    Our bodies are made to heal and reach balance. There are hundreds of eating plans. We'll go over how you eat now and decide where to make small changes so you look and perform at the top of your game!

  • Services

    Join us for these amazing benefits.


    Health & Wellness Coaching

    Bi-Monthly or Weekly Private Online Sessions

    Customized 3- or 6-month Plan

    (Communication and Coordination with your Medical Professional Optional, per your written request)

    3 or 6 month program, discounts available

    It's all about what YOU need

    One-on-one coaching

    Bonus care package!

    Weight Loss Program

    Fat Loss Program

    Private Sessions

    Customized plan

    Medical-grade supplements



    per month, discounts available

    Includes Kits

    Live chat support

    Video guides

    Cleanse Detox Program


    30-Day Group

    30-Day Renewing Cleanse Plan Support Healthy Digestion and Metabolism

    Complete 30-Day Program

    Includes Complete Kit

    Email support

    Video guides

  • The Well-Being Compass™

    This 5-minute scoring test will help you identify areas of imbalance within the 12 directions of your Well-Being Compass, and where you may want to focus. Download the worksheet! What does a satisfying life look like? Schedule a Health History overview and let's talk about possibilities.


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